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Watching the eclipse safely using binocular projection

binocular projection
Click on the picture for a large version.
Project an image of the Sun from binoculars onto white paper or card.

The binoculars are mounted on a camera tripod and attached using a binocular adapter. These are available from camera or photographic shops

Note the sunshield blocking the direct light of the Sun from the card. Only one half of the binoculars is used, as the images may overlap if both are used. The sunshield is just a large piece of card in which a hole has been cut to fit over one objective lens.

Owing to the magnification of the binoculars and the fact that they form a focussed image, this method produces a bigger and sharper image of the Sun than pinhole projection. Binoculars will be able to show sunspots on the surface of the Sun.

Never leave the binoculars unattended, in case someone tries to look through them - they will be blinded if they look at the Sun.

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