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The NCCS must support the detection, triggering, broadcasting and logging of alarms.

The present system supports alarms in the following way :

alarms can be triggered directly by an observing program (by switching a bit),
standard alarms patterns i.e. slow (STEER alarm), fast (OBS alarm), continuous (CPU alarm),
alarms can be triggered via a watchdog timer (different time constants supported are 5s, 19m, 38m, 1h16m and infinity).

The NCCS must provide the above alarms.

In addition to the above requirements the NCCS must provide :

a log of all alarms which keeps track of the time and origin of when they occurred,
support for the present buzzer alarm,
a synthesised voice alarm (in addition to the present buzzer alarm) which is linked up to the public address (PA) system and which also phones the appropriate staff member on duty,

Mike Gaylard