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Editing the resource database

To edit/create a resource file take you favourite editor and create a file in $DBM_RESDIR/hartrao. Use the template file which the class generator has generated for you in ~class/res as an example. When choosing device names a good practice is to define some local rules. At the ESRF we often use the convention of DOMAIN/FAMILY/nn where DOMAIN refers to the domain or control system, family refers to the type of device and nn is an integer from 1 to the number of devices in the control system. An example for an HP3330 frequency synthesiser would be HARTRAO/HP3330/1 and the resource file might look like this :
# resource file for HP3330 frequency synthesiser
# andy - 9/5/96
hp3330/mike/device:	hartrao/hp3330/1
hartrao/hp3330/1/gpibdev:	dev04
hartrao/hp3330/1/frequency_set:	1.0

Of course other variations abound depending on the number and types of devices and what extra information one would like to encode in the device name.

Mike Gaylard