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Where is all the database stuff ?

The database utilities are stored in nccs:~dserver/system/bin/linux Add this directory to your PATH.

In this directory you will find a script called dbm_env which sets up all the necessary environment variables. This script should be called at login time using the command source if you are running csh or . (dot) if you are using bash.

The database tables are stored in $DBM_DIR which is set to ~dserver/dbase on nccs.

A special table called HARTRAO has been created for Hartebeesthoek1. All NCCS devices should be created in this domain. If necessary other domains can be added in the future.

The database resources are stored in $DBM_RESDIR ~dserver/res on nccs. A subdirectory called hartrao has been created for HartRAO specific resources and most new files will be created here.

Mike Gaylard