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Starcalc for Southern Africa

'Starcalc' is a free "planetarium" program for Windows. It displays the stars and planets in the night sky for a location, date and time of your choice. It is small, simple to use, and effective. These instructions will help you to download it and to customise for use in Southern Africa.

First create a folder, for example named \starcalc, to take the Starcalc download files, using Windows Explorer.

Next download Starcalc, for instance in its English language version 'sc57en.zip', and any optional extra plugins that you want, such as large star catalogues or the eclipse plugin 'sun.dll' or the Milky Way graphic mway.dll, from the Starcalc home site.

Unzip i.e. extract the program files from sc57en.zip, with winzip, into the same folder.

SAsetup.zip contains the city database with many more Southern African places added. It also contains the initialisation file with the startup position set for Gauteng (Johannesburg / Pretoria) as the default location. They were tested with Starcalc version 5.7.

Download SAsetup.zip file to the same directory as the other Starcalc files and unzip it. This will overwrite the original initialization and city files.

Run "install.exe" to install Starcalc in your \Programs files folder as the new folder \Program files\Starcalc

Move the extra dll's such as 'sun.dll' to the folder \Program files\Starcalc\Plugins (winxp - move to \Program files\Starcalc\) that was created during installation.

Now it's time to run the program!

Add your own coordinates to the city database, or use the location nearest yours.

If you added mway.dll, click on 'parameters' then 'catalogs and object groups' and drag 'mway' to th etop of the list to make it draw first.

If you hit a problem simply re-extract the original initialization and city files from the original starcalc zip file.

last revised 2003/06/09 by Mike Gaylard since 2002/01/02