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Unsafe eclipse viewing

unsafe eclipse viewing

DO NOT use sunglasses, tinted glass, floppy disks, CDs, foil from tea bags, chip packets or photographic negatives to view the eclipse. These may make the Sun seem dim, but they may also let through invisible infrared and ultraviolet light that can burn your eyes and lead to blindness! Your eyes have no nerves to tell you that they are being burned, unlike your skin.

NEVER LOOK DIRECTLY at the Sun as this can blind you. The only exception is during totality when it is safe because the Moon is blocking out the direct light of the Sun and you can only see the Sun's corona (atmosphere).

NEVER VIEW THE SUN DIRECTLY with any optical device such as binoculars or a telescope. The lenses of these devices concentrate the Sun's rays onto your retina, causing permanent damage. You will go blind! ONLY use them to project an image of the Sun onto paper or card.

If you have a telescope that has a solar filter that goes in the eyepiece, DO NOT USE THE SOLAR FILTER. The heat of the Sun is liable to crack the filter and let the sunlight through, which will blind you. ONLY solar filters designed to go on the objective lens should be used.

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