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What do you know about eclipses?

1. What causes an eclipse of the Sun (solar eclipse)?

2. What causes an eclipse of the Moon (lunar eclipse)?

3. What do we mean by "the path of totality" of an eclipse of the Sun?

4. What is the difference between a partial and a total solar eclipse?

5. What sort of solar eclipse will Musina experience on 2002 Dec 04 - Partial or Total?

6 a. What is your home town (or nearest town to your home)?
6 b. What sort of eclipse will this town experience - Partial or Total?

7. Describe three ways to watch a solar eclipse safely:
7 a.
7 b.
7 c.

8. Describe five ways in which a solar eclipse can affect us or our surroundings:
8 a.
8 b.
8 c.
8 d.
8 e.

9. The Moon is 400 times smaller than the Sun.
How then can it block out all the Sun's light during a total eclipse of the Sun?

10 a. What does "New Moon" mean?

10 b. Why do we not see an eclipse of the Sun at every New Moon?

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