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Animation of the Total Eclipse

total eclipse animation

The animation above shows what the eclipse will be like if one is within the path of totality. The left frame shows the path of the Moon (grey) in front of the Sun (yellow). The right frame shows what we see. We do not see the Moon until it starts to pass in front of the Sun because the near side of the Moon is dark - only the far side is lit by the Sun at the time of the eclipse. The eclipse occurs at New Moon, the time the Moon passes the Sun, moving from West to East relative to the Sun.

The individual images used to make the animation are available below in their original size, twice that shown above:

t - 70, t - 60, t - 50, t - 40, t - 30, t - 20, t - 10, t = 0, t + 10, t + 10, t + 20, t + 30, t + 40, t + 50, t + 60, t + 70, t + 80.

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