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Animation - Partial Eclipse

jhb eclipse animation

The animation above shows what the eclipse will be like as seen from Johannesburg or Pretoria. Eclipse maximum will be at 08h23 in Gauteng. However, Johannesburg and Pretoria lie well outside the path of totality.

The dramatic effects of totality will only be seen inside a narrow path 70 kilometres wide running diagonally across Limpopo Province, as shown in the map above.

Outside the path of totality, the sun will only become dimmer. The closer to the path of totality the viewer is, the greater will be the degree of dimming. However, as there are no dramatic effects, people outside the path of totality who do not know beforehand that an eclipse is occurring may not even notice it! This does not mean it is not worth watching, however.

The individual images used to make the animation are available below, at their original size, twice that shown above:

Jhb 0712, Jhb 0722, Jhb 0732, Jhb 0742, Jhb 0752, Jhb 0802, Jhb 0812, Jhb 0822, Jhb 0832, Jhb 0842, Jhb 0852, Jhb 0902, Jhb 0912, Jhb 0922, Jhb 0932, Jhb 0942

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