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GPS Installation in Zambia 2002/03/27

Pieter Stronkhorst and Conrad Mahlase undertook a trip to Zambia to install a Global Positioning System (GPS) station from the 27th to the 29th March 2002. They were hosted by the Survey Department of the Zambian Department and stayed at a guest house organised by them.

Southern Africa has currently five GPS stations and adding more will not only improve our regional network, but will densify the global International GPS Service (IGS) network to the benefit of all IGS product users.


The AshTech VZ-12 GPS antenna was mounted on the roof of the Survey Department building as this was said to be the highest building in the area, as shown in the picture below.

The picture was taken looking north. The antenna cable routes on top of the building, overhangs from the outside of the southern side of the building to the computer room on the first floor.


In this room the TurboRogue receiver and the Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) and Power Supply Unit (PSU) are housed, as pictured above.


Conrad and Pieter were well received by the Surveyor General and his staff and were personally thanked by the Permanent Secretary. Mr Moyo (shown above), who is one of the three assistant Surveyors General, and gave them all the necessary help and support needed for the installation.


Their assistance can be evidenced in the picture above where Conrad bought a Zambian shirt at the Lusaka flea market.

The Zambian Survey Department have a healthy relationship with the South African Land Affairs Department, and Pieter and Conrad are glad to have fostered another link of collaboration with the Zambians.