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Remote Monitoring

The present telescope control system allows some limited remote observing in that it is possible to login to one of the Sun file servers (either via modem or Internet) and then connect to the HP 1000 via kermit to look at what is running by running the whzat program or viewing the observing log file.

The NCCS should provide support for remote monitoring via eavesdropping. Eavesdropping means that an astronomer can be in a remote place and can find out what is presently being observed and look at the status of the observations (see Remote Observing and Experience at ESO for a definition of remote observing terms). Eavesdropping does NOT mean moving the telescope from a remote place. Eavesdropping must be possible via modem and Internet. It must be possible to find out the status of the present observing program, follow in quasi-realtime the present observation, take a look at the data and query the observing and system logfiles.

Mike Gaylard