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Technical Monitoring System (TMS)

This system (proposed by Mike Ainley) will monitor station engineering parameters e.g. power supply voltages, cryogenic temperatures, vacuum levels, etc. and log them. It will display the status of each sub-system visually and be able to inform the control computer (on request) on the status of each sub-system.

At present a basic proposal exists using commercially available hardware and software modules. The TMS must coexist with the NCCS. The NCCS will control all parameters which are essential for observing i.e. setting up the radiometers, frequency etc.

This system should be the basis of an intelligent fault detection and diagnosis system.

A minimum configuration based on Turbolink and SCADA has been proposed by Mike Ainley (cf. DATA ACQUISITION AT HartRAO) and should form the basis of the initial installation. Exactly which modules are bought will depend on how much money is made available.

Mike Gaylard