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NCCS Input Files for Single-Dish Observing

M J Gaylard, B Woermann, J Quick, J L Jonas, S Buchner

This document describes the keywords and their associated parameters that are used in input (source) files and catalogues for all single-dish observing with the NCCS. Typical real-world examples are provided. Written in SGML, this document is viewable from the NCCS documentation index at /usr/local/src/nccs/doc/index.html using a web browser, and can be converted to other formats, e.g. latex, postscript, plain-text etc. using SGML-tools.

1. Introduction

2. Single-dish Observing Methods

3. Input Files and Scheduling

4. Definition of Keywords and their Parameters

5. Parser Logic

6. Examples of Input Files and Catalogues

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