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Starting and Stopping the NCCS

The control system can be started and stopped with the help of scripts. The scripts are organised hierarchically. The idea being to have a single starting or stopping point for the control sytem. These points then call other points and so on until in the end the job is done.

To start the control system use nccs.startup. You will be prompted whether you want to start level 1 , 2 or 3. At HartRAO only level 1 (Manager + database + message server) and level 3 (device servers) exist. For each level nccs.startup will then call an appropriate script to start that level i.e. manager.startup and dserver.startup. The control system must be started in ascending level order viz. 1 then 3.

Stopping the control system should be done in the reverse order viz. 3 then 1. The shutdown scripts make use of an awk script off for killing a process by name as opposed to by pid.

All the scripts for starting and stopping the control system can be found in nccs: dserver/bin.

Mike Gaylard