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The Hartebeesthoek 26m telescope computer control system is currently being redesigned and rebuilt. This document will present the latest design of the New Computer Control System (NCCS).

The design of the NCCS is intended to fulfill the list of requirements specified in the original Requirements & Specifications document. In order to present a coherent view, this version of the Design document has been extensively rewritten to reflect the various implementation phases subsequently defined and/or realised by the NCCS Working Group. An overview of the new NCCS is presented at the beginning of the Design document.

The design presented in this document aims to satisfy all of the mandatory requirements of the Requirements & Specifications document i.e. all requirements marked with . Most if not all of the desirable requirements i.e. those marked with a , will only be satisfied in further extension phase(s) of the NCCS project, beyond the scope of this document.

Mike Gaylard