The processor subsystem performs on-site data analysis for the MOBLAS 6 systems. It receives data inputs from NASA SLR headquarters which it processes, and it returns data to NASA SLR Headquarters for scientific community use. To aim the tracking telescope, it FTPs satellite paths from the SLR Headquarters Mainframe computer. It then matches the Headquarters paths against the local site file. It then uses these results to generate the local tuned IRVs and the tracking schedule the site uses for ranging. Once these IRVs have been determined, they can be passed to the controller computer, which uses them to aim the telescope. These IRVs are valid for established satellites. They will not necessarily be valid for new satellites or for satellites after they have maneuvered in orbit.

The console of processor subsystem.

After a pass is complete, the controller computer transmits the pass data to the processor. The processor receives the data, puts it into appropriate formats, and performs post-pass analyses. The performance analyst can use this information to determine the quality of the pass data, how well the equipment operated, and how to correct malfunctions. In addition, the processor computer transmits the data to the headquarters Mainframe computer for scientific community use.

PC of processor subsystem.

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