QSL Information & Log Facility


QSL Manager:

Bernardus (Bushy) Roode, ZS6M
PO Box 158
Kempton Park
Republic of South Africa


QSL card postage:

This is a private expedition with no sponsors for the IOTA DXpedition, therefore TWO US dollars (US$2) is sufficient to send a single card by air mail (in envelope). If you really cannot afford 2 Dollars, send whatever you can, (no wives/husbands though!), we would like to give everyone a card! If you have lots of money, you can make a contribution which may aid the establishment of a permanent HAM installation on the island. The Marion Island QSL cards, although standard size, will be a colour fold-out type containing photographs and descriptive text. Please send us your QSL card as well! The plan is to have 2 different types of QSL cards printed. One especially for QSO’s from Marion Island and one especially for maritime mobile QSO’s from the SA Agulhas.  Maritime mobile QSL cards will be $1.


Am I in the Log? 

  • Please allow 24 hours for log updates once the DXpedition is underway. Updates may take longer due to circumstances!
  • A daily updated log will be inserted here once the DXpedition is underway.

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