<TITLE>G4ZFE Log Search Page</TITLE>
<H1>G4ZFE Log Search Page </H1>
Please use this applet to search the logs of my latest DX-peditions 
and contest logs.
<APPLET CODE="search.class" WIDTH=600 HEIGHT=325>
<param name="log1Name" value="1997 8Q7FE">
<param name="log2Name" value="1997 IARU">
<param name="log3Name" value="1997 Field Day">
<param name="URL1Name" value="http://www.myisp.co.uk/~g4zfe/logs/8Q7FE/">
<param name="URL2Name" value="http://www.myisp.co.uk/~g4zfe/logs/97iaru/">
<param name="URL3Name" value="http://www.myisp.co.uk/~g4zfe/logs/97fd/">
<EM> Sorry but the search applet requires a java aware browser.</EM>