Continuous Observations of the Rotation of the Earth (CORE-A)

Source: Notes prepared by Nancy Vandenberg and Cynthia Thomas, NVI/GSFC.

More detailed information can be had from the CORE white paper .


The purpose of CORE-A is to validate the CORE concept of measuring EOP continuously using different networks. Comparisons of the EOP results from simultaneous sessions in 1997 and 1998 have shown fairly good agreement, but there are some puzzling systematic differences. It is hoped that additional data to be obtained during 1999 will contribute to understanding this data set.


The network for CORE-A includes Fairbanks, HartRAO, Algonquin, Westford, Matera, Medicina, Tsukuba, and Hobart. Tsukuba will begin to participate in CORE-A after April 1. This set of 8 stations includes two geographically paired stations: Algonquin/Westford and Matera/Medicina. For purposes of comparison with NEOS, we want to keep this network as constant as possible but we need to limit the network size to 6 stations. Whenever Tsukuba is available during non-network periods, we will drop Matera. Whenever Hobart is available we will drop Westford.


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