Continuous Observations of the Rotation of the Earth and South terrestical reference frame network (CORE-OHIG)

Source: Notes prepared by Arno Mueskens, of the Geodetic Institute of the University of Bonn, Germany.


The purpose of the CORE-OHIG (Southern Terrestrial Reference Frame) sessions is to tie together optimally the sites in the southern hemisphere. The participating sites include all the sites in the south - O'Higgins, Fortaleza, Hartebeesthoek (HartRAO), and Hobart - as well as Kokee Park. The last site is the southern-most of the northern sites and have been included to make the geometry more robust and to increase the number of observations per scan. Because these sessions concentrate on the southern sites and do not use observing time to accurately tie these sites to far northern sites (as the Global Sessions do) they should yield a very accurate regional TRF around the South Pole. Syowa (Japan/Antartica) are willing to participate in this experiment. The characteristics of this network have changed slightly due to more weight of the southern part.


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